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febr. 17., P


Budapest, in front of Lutheran Church

Jewish Budapest - a discovery tour with around the Quarter

Why is it my favorite district of Budapest? With all its diversity including the ruin bars, the party district, the Synagogue triangle and the local shops and atmosphere makes the most popular and unique places. As a local, I am going to show you the best and hidden places around.

Idő és helyszín

2023. febr. 17. 10:30 – 12:30

Budapest, in front of Lutheran Church, Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 4., Hungary

Az eseményről

Come with me on this extraordinary tour where you will see 

-the Central Synagogue,

- the kosher community places

-the Memorial Garden of Wallenberg

-Szimpla, the most popular ruin bar and

a local multi-cultural atmosphere.

Esemény megosztása

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