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Budapest, in fron of BudapestINFO park

TOP 10 of Budapest

Tour of the spectacular and essential sights of Budapest with a local guide. Join this authentic and all-inclusive walk around Pest downtown and the medieval Buda castle with all the top attractions (and best local recommendations) by a local.

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TOP 10 of Budapest
TOP 10 of Budapest

Idő és helyszín

2023. márc. 26. 10:30 – 2023. márc. 27. 13:00

Budapest, in fron of BudapestINFO park, Budapest, Városháza park,Károly krt., Hungary

Az eseményről

Tour of Pest and Buda with a local Hungarian guide to visit the top ten attractions. Enjoy this introductory tour to the city, the history of Hungary from the nomad beginnings and dramatic 20th century spiced up with personal stories and anecdotes. You will have the best photo-spots and get some insider tips for the best Gulyás! By the end of the tour you'll feel at home and with ease in Budapest!

You will see:

-Elisabeth Square and Aquarium Club

-Danube Promende & the Little Princess

-Vörösmarty square and the Fashion Street

-Parliament and Black Shoes on the Danube

- Downtown Pest and the Andrassy street

- Central Synagugue and St Stephen's Basilica

-Mathias Church and the Fishermen's Bastion

-Buda Palace and the Castle distirct


  • Standard tour ticket

    under age 12 it is free to join

    19,00 USD
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